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Article: CENTO


CENTO is the one-of-a-kind road racing shoe features an innovative two dials
closure system.

This latest addition to the range incorporates the innovative brand new to market
UDOG’s Micro Twist dial. It’s a unique micro-adjusting rotor provides a uniform,
customized fit for enhanced support and stability. The ergonomic dial with soft rubber edge guarantees greater grip in any ride condition. Its dial diameter is 30mm
provides better handling in racing situation. The Micro Twist is markable lower in
profile, only 10mm thickness for a more aerodynamic profile. Woven laces are very
flexible yet ultra-resistant.

The innovative and unique Closure System is designed with two dials.
1. The extremely lower side Micro Twist provides a superior hell lock, while
ensuring an extensive fit range
2. Unique is the position of the front dial to control the volume of the forefoot
area via the UDOG patent system tensors. Like the previous UDOG models
Tensione and Distanza, CENTO incorporates the UDOG patented Tension
Wrap System (TWS) in a new release called TWS 2.0. The center located
Micro Twist applies even pressure to the integrated tensors with no pressure
points on the upper. TWS 2.0 system acts primarily across the independent
tensors on a larger area of the shoe’s upper, pulling the eyelets inwards
consistently from all directions for a more supportive and comfortable fit.
Using textile lace guides further eliminates pressure hot spots.

Developed with performance and comfort in mind this shoe delivers the precise,
locked- in feel that racers demand. The new CENTO shoe uses tech laser perforated
microfiber leather, it’s a lightweight and soft yet resistant material, ideal for racing
performance shoes. The adaptive material used on the upper allow natural
movements of the foot where needed for comfort, while data-driven TPU
reinforcement areas keep the foot secured for optimum power delivery and

Stiff Carbon Sole
CENTO uses an ultra-stiff high carbon composite outsole with a stiffness index of 11.
It’s developed with a directional ventilation channel, and integrated rubber heel and
toe caps. The outsole features a large platform for easy cleat engagement, and
generous fore/aft bolts adjustments for precise fitting. Titanium alloy cleat nuts can
rotate to position pedal/cleats 5mm rearward.
CENTO last is shaped to offer a generous toe box and a deep heel cup.

Key features of UDOG Cento
2 Micro twist dial
Tension Wrap System - TWS 2.0
Laser perforated microfiber leather upper
Generous toe box & deep heel cup
High carbon composite outsole – stiffness index 11
Lightweight - 270g in size 42
11 sizes, from 38 EU to 48 EU, full sizes, gender neutral
Price: 295€; 325$; 260£

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