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Cima Pure Black
Kiaki Satake
These shoes are comfortable and beautiful.

I used to avoid shoes with laces, but Pocket Tongue System (PTS) has solved this problem.
The toe box is made with plenty of room, but there are no pedalling problems and no pressure on the fingertips.
Most road shoes these days are expensive, but I think these shoes are comparable enough while still being a fair price.

Tensione Pure Black
Raul Bottazzi

Belle, comode, ma la taschina sulla linguetta per contenere i lacci è veramente scomoda, posizionata in modo da essere coperta dall'allacciatura e quindi difficilmente accessibile.... per il resto, come ovvio, la regolazione è sicuramente più macchinosa rispetto al sistema boa.... la calzata è comunque comoda e ha una buona rigidità.

Cima Pure Black
Aaron Daley
Cima are really impressive

The first impression of the Cima is the quality of the knit on the upper. It is really beautiful and well-crafted. All of the points where you can expect wear are protected by PU. And the lace pocket is very cool.
But you should buy these shoes because of how comfortable they are. The toe box shape leaves room for your toes and the tension wrap system holds your feet firmly in the shoe when you're pedaling hard. The carbon sole is very stiff and I'm sure these can easily compete against the most expensive shoes on the market.

Cima Salt White
Oliver Schliesser
Best shoes ever

Best shoes ever

Cima Salt White
paul pawlicki
beautiful, light shoe but too wide for me

the shoe looks beautiful and seems to be well made as well as technically top notch.
I have widish but flat forefeet - most italian-made cycling shoes are just too narrow for me. unfortunately these beauties are too wide and have a to high toe-box for me. so sadly had to return them

Good quality overall !!

Product looks great, nice fit and confortable. Lightweight and function are excellent.
Absolutely happy with my purchase, I totally recommend them, great value for this price point.

Tensione Artic White
Gabrielle Grundy

Runs slightly big. Material tends to attract dirt. My toes do not feel cramped like they do in most other cycling shoes. Not stiff (which I prefer.) Overall a great shoe.

Cima Salt White
Very satisfait .

My greetings, I am very satisfied with the shoes, I made a quick tightening system without knots, very practical while riding, I would like to buy a pair of size 44 Tensione Artic White, but they are out of stock!!!!

Fantastic Fit, Right Performance

Been using these for over a month. The fit is a good pair of Italian shoes. I went down one full size from my existing Giro Empire.

It's not the stiffest sole, but more than enough for weekend warriors like me.

Only challenge I hv so far is , getting rid of stains. I got some chain grime on it and I can't seem to get rid of them no matter what I tried (bleech, degreaser, soap, clothing stain remover). Any tips on this will be much appreciated 🙏

Cima Pure Black
Ryan Schaedig
Super Happy. Can’t say enough!

These are some of the best shoes I have ever ridden in. Prior to finding UDOG I was struggling with a lot of foot pain and hot spots on rides. Longer rides were becoming painful and I had to pull over and loosen my shoes at times. This is no longer the case with UDOG. I first got the Tensione and was hooked. As soon as I found out about the Cima I knew I needed those too! They have room for my feet but not too much that it doesn’t feel secure. The carbon sole is stiff and responsive and on the first day of having them I took them on a 7k climbing day with zero issues to my feet. I am a very big fan of these shoes. I will say that my Tensione and Cima are the same size but the Cima seems to have a little more room in them. Just means thicker socks but I did find that interesting. Maybe that is just a “me” issue. Overall I am super happy with my purchase. Love the shoes and can not see myself pedaling in anything else but UDOG. These shoes have seriously saved my cycling life!

Tensione Pure Black
Sam Apostolopoulos
UDog Tensione - Black

My first lace up cycling shoes - I have to say that they are very comfortable. Plenty of space in the toe box, as I have a wide foot. I also have a high instep - the laces allow me to get a good fit every time. For reference, I wear a Size 43 Wide in both Bont & Sidi. I consulted the team at UDog regarding what size I should order, as the print out that I measured my foot on returned a much large size. They confidently advised me that Size 42 would fit me. They were spot on. My second ride in them was the epic 235km/4500m Three Peaks Challenge in Victoria, Australia. The Tensione's passed with flying colours! They are now my "go-to" cycling shoe.

Tensione Pure Black
Scott Dunne
First Ride

Had no time to ride outdoors after our Midwest cold spell hit. So I took to the Kurt Kinetic Trainer indoors. Had no problems, with the feet feeling no ill effects from new shoes. Compared to my first cycling shoes leather soles and uppers with metal shoe cleat for my quill pedals along with laces, they felt Great. Compared to the current stiff racing shoes they have a lot better comfort level for my aging feet.

Tensione Pure Black
Martin Bichler
Excellent shoe

Review after my first ride, but I am confident my verdict will not change in the future. Can not say much about ventilation or heat since I rode the shoe with toe cap and Merino sock in March. The shoe is true to size, ordered a 46 which I usually wear (thanks for the guidance, service team!). The toe box is spacious and leaves room for the toes, so no pressure here. Also the lace system, the lacing pattern and the strap help to minimize pressure to the top of the foot. However, if you pull up the pedal you realize the force is diverted nicely around the foot. The sole feels very stiff, the inlay sole offered nice arch support and the heel cap with the silicon print has a nice support, as well. Overall very happy, especially with the design. I also find the lace works very well, especially with the oval lace holes. One thing I am not sure about is the strap for the pocket of the lace, bit tough to fit the lace inside and I am afraid the strap of the pocket will wear out or tear - but that is just a concern of a German ride. In summary I can definitely recommend the Tensione and I am even looking at the Cima.

Tensione Pure Black
Daniel Ramirez
Udog lace-up road cycling shoe

Pros: Generous toe box, comfort and price. Cons: Time consuming lacing & un-lacing. Stowing the lace ends into the pocket at the top... maybe a training video would help. Never the less, I would recommend this road cycling shoe to a friend.

Tensione Pure Black
Stefan Grimon
Tensione shoes, comfortable and good looking

I use the Tensione shoes now for one month and these are very comfortable shoes with a nice amount of space in the toebox. The closure with the laces works very well, no problems at all. These shoes are well made and good looking !

Perfect everyday kickers

The Tensione are an amazing pair of mid price shoes. Super confortable, with generous toe box, perform very well, althoug they're not your most rigid shoes, and definitely good looking.
This are your new perfect everyday cycling shoes.

Tensione Artic White
Matthew Dawson
Great Shoes!

Nice wide toe box feels super open and comfortable, with a heel and laces tight enough to keep your foot in place. Arch support is quite prominent, which took some getting used to, but I think it's feeling more natural after my first few rides (that might even be related to cleat placement). White looks awesome, but be careful about dirt, I already have a few marks on em, but man do they look slick. I would definitely recommend these shoes.

Tensione Pure Black
Casey Turner
Amazing Value

I’m impressed with the fit and quality of these shoes for the price point !

Tensione Artic White
Bill Yearwood

Very comfortable and light. A little lose at the heal. May have needed a half size smaller, but bought for winter riding with thick socks and that works perfectly.

udog black

Great fit and very comfortable, really like them so far.
Any thoughts on a gravel / mtn bike shoe?

Tensione Artic White
Desmond Chong
What an awesome shoe!

I just love this shoe. It looks unbelievable and felt so good from the first ride. Light, stiff and comfortable. The lacing system is very effective and love the tongue flap to retain the laces. Such an elegant solution.

Looking forward to more colours in the future!

Tensione Pure Black
Tensione Pure Black

Premium quality look, very good fit, highly adjustable thanks to the lace system. Comfort and performance is probably the best at this price level.

Beautiful shoes

Tensione Pure Black
john morris
Laces work

Super stiff bottoms matched with laces. Wasn’t sure this would work after riding boa/brackets for so long BUT most comfortable shoes I’ve ever ridden —EVER. Not sure about their reliability (time will tell) but so far I am a fan.

Tensione Artic White
Roderich Körner
Great Shoe, Lightweight, Stylish

I love the shoe - but not the fact that I cracked my collarbone on their maiden trip