Amazing trails can’t be discovered without getting lost.

Strade Bianche are unpaved gravel roads that reach across the countryside of Tuscany and Umbria, weaving their way through oak forests, olive groves, vines, meadows and fields of grain. The white color that gives these roads their unique character comes from the compacted local limestone gravel that forms them.


Today, March 16th we released our first ever gravel shoes, DISTANZA, and where else but on one of the most famous roads in Europe? Tuscany’s famed white gravel roads have gained notoriety among professional cyclists and fans alike because of one race—Strade Bianche. Between the undulating terrain, unpredictable spring weather, and unpaved gravel surfaces, the event has reached iconic status in its short history.


This road is filled with gravel roads, small villages, interesting stops, and authentic beauty, cypress columns, it feels like cycling through a painting. Tuscany does not need any presentation, it never disappoints. And so it was with our shoes that helped us push through the most difficult climbs, walk the steepest trails, and-why not-even in moments of well-deserved rest as we rested our legs under a small table.


Many kilometers, much elevation gain, but everything we saw, breathed, smelled will remain well imprinted in us. Because even though the fatigue was a lot, the beauty of everything we had around us paid off in full.


We found ourselves again, and that is what matters.