From the outside looking in, the idea of joining a cycling club can look like hard core racers meeting up at 6.00 am to ride full gas five to six hours and back. In reality, cyclists tend to form an inclusive group that cater to a wide range of abilities.
Going for a bike ride alone is a great way to clear your mind, but a bike ride in a group it is simply a great chance for a good chat. Free from the technological distractions that abound in other circumstances, conversation flows more freely on the bike.

The conversation is bound to be varied too. Since cycling is such an accessible sport, clubs are made up of members from all walks of life who come together to form a tight-knit community: lawyers, carpenters, builders, former Olympian athletes but on Sundays we’re all dressing the same club kit.



Cycling clubs are some of the oldest sporting clubs in the world and have a proud tradition of welcoming new members into the ranks.

The chances are you’ll know someone who rides already and, since most cyclists like nothing better than talking about bikes, they’ll be more than happy to have another person to ride with. Perhaps the greatest tradition of all though, is the beer stop. We all love riding but who doesn’t want to stop for a post ride beer in our favorite bike workshop?

On UDOG CC rides, we always have a post ride beer stop on weekend club runs, it’s another chance to have a chat and a just reward for your efforts